Impreza Kamp We Draw A Brennnessel On Tour 2014 Barlokal odbędzie się 14 grudnia 2014 (Niedziela), w klubie Wytwórnia Rzeszów. Start imprezy: godz. 20:00. .
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Kamp We Draw A Brennnessel On Tour 2014 Barlokal

14 grudnia 2014, Wytwórnia Rzeszów, start: 20:00

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KAMP! + We draw A / Brennnessel on Tour 2014

Otwieramy: 20 00
Start koncertu: 21 30
After: wkrótce info
Wstęp: 30/35 pln
45 pln - ilość ograniczona

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BAR/LOKAL codziennie od 09 00 - 16 00
QCHNIA 13 codziennie od 08 00 - 22 00

INFOLINIA: 533 323 091

Kamp! has been around for a while having grown a massive domestic popularity in their native Poland and a niche global fanbase thanks to their smooth synth pop, that brings the new-wave feel to the retro chic of disco. With their warm, layered production, hit flavored melodies, hazy melancholic vocals and balearic vibe their music evokes images of dusk till dawn beach-parties, bittersweet road trips and dusty mirrorballs in long forgotten clubs.

With only one EP and two singles released in their own founded Brennnessel label, the three-piece band were immediately credited as one of Poland’s best export products, being featured in music press, prime-time radio playlists and playing tons of energetic, often sold-out club and festival gigs in Poland, and some of the most important global music events such as SXSW, Great Escape or Exit Festival.

In September 2011 Kamp! released their first international single “Cairo” in the portuguese label Discotexas. The release, which included Beatport top ten remix by Moullinex, has been critically acclaimed by countless music writers, blogs and musicians (the original song opened one of The Magician’s famous mixtapes) around the globe.

November 2012 they were ready to release their self-titled LP under Brennnessel imprint. The CD version is available only in Poland.

"Polish trio Kamp! seem earmarked for success" - Under the Radar
"How many Poles does it take to make your booty shake? Three, evidently" - Filter Magazine
"It is some damn good baby making music. Get Sentimental-ational" -

Baltimore (2014, EP, Cascine)
A New Leaf (2014, single, Brennnessel)
Melt (2013, single, DISCO Texas)
Kamp! (2012, LP, Brennnessel)
Cairo (2011, EP, DISCO Texas)
Heats (2010, single, Brennnessel)
Breaking a ghost's heart (2009, single, Brennnessel)
Thales one (2009, EP, Brennnessel)
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