Impreza Killekill Megablank W Boris Adriano Canzian Special Guest odbędzie się 4 maja 2018 (Piątek), w klubie about blank Berlin. Start imprezy: godz. 23:59. .
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Killekill Megablank W Boris Adriano Canzian Special Guest

4 maja 2018, about blank Berlin, start: 23:59

Zagrają na imprezie:
Main floor:
* very special guest (tba)
BORIS (berghain, cocktail d'amore)
Dinamite (planet rhythm)
tamypro (Universe of Tang)

Lobby floor:
Adriano Canzian (space factory, icon series, gigolo)
DJ Flush (killekill)
Elzo Durt (teenage menopause)
HGR aka Hintergrundrauschen (tresor)

The third floor:
PLANET TINK (killekill)
Purita D. (killekill)
TTX & ?I

The ones who were there when Horst Krbrg still existed might also remember the Killekill Megahorst Parties, which the best ones there (of course). This concept was adapted to ://about.blank and so welcome to the second edition of Killekill Megablank on three floors!
On the main floor we have a very SPECIAL GUEST, who we are looking forward a lot to and who will be announced very soon. Stay tuned!
Next on the board is BORIS, who is without a doubt one of the most experienced DJs of Berlin. In the late 80s he experienced the House music movement in New York, which fascinated him so much that he became the main man importing House music to Berlin during his time working for Hardwax at that time. But apart from his house music history he is also a fantastic techno DJ, regular Berghain ravers will approve this. We’re looking forward to this a lot! DINAMITE and TAMYPRO will support the floor! Boom!

On the lobby floor it will get a slightly darker with ADRIANO CANZIAN. His releases on Gigolo are of recognizable rawness, his lyrics evolving around sex & excess. We’re curious about his set with a mix of Electro, Wave and Italo House!
Our guest of honour of this evening is ELZO DURT, who is not only the artist responsible behind the amazing artworks of our event series, but also a label owner of various labels in Belgium and on top of that he is also a killer Techno DJ, surely taking the roof off of ://about blank. Also on board is the Tresor resident HGR and Killekill’s DJ FLUSH.

The Third Floor will be a musical journey once again taking you through the spheres of avantgarde/post-punk/sixties/lo-fi/no wave electronica & electro. PLANET TINK will be supported by PURITA D. – the funkiest girl in town – as well as TTX & ?i, a duo that will make you wanna enlarge your music collection you have so far with all the crazy shit you will hear.

Kill your boredom!
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Markgrafendamm 24c, Friedrichshain, Berlin
Aktualna pozycja klubu: 2/1673 Zagłosuj na klub
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