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184 Camden High Street;
, London

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Egg London in Kings Cross has proved itself to be a real contender, if not the leader, in London’s underground clubbing scene. Embracing all musical genres the venue has grown to become one of the most popular clubs in the Capital. Egg London opened in a blaze of publicity in May 2003. As the brainchild of club supremo Laurence Malice, that same year Egg London won the prestigious BEDA award for Best London Club, one of the industry’s most coveted prizes and has since been nominated in the best venue categories for the Time Out Live Awards, the House Music Awards and came in the top 50 clubs in the world as voted by the DJs in DJ Magazine. The venue itself has enticed literally hundreds of thousands of people into its throbbing vortex of sound, light, performance, visuals and of course people. Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday night/Sunday morning, Pop stars mix with builders, city professionals with models, and doctors with actors. It is a place, which quite simply unites everyone!  
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