Impreza Paddy Goes To Holyhead Guests odbędzie się 29 grudnia 2018 (Sobota), w klubie New Cross Inn London. Start imprezy: godz. 18:00. .
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Paddy Goes To Holyhead Guests

29 grudnia 2018, New Cross Inn London, start: 18:00

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New Cross Inn are rather chuffed to bag the shamrock'n'rolling Paddy Goes To Holyhead for some musical shenanigans.

Doors 6pm
L10 ADV / L13 OTD

Paddy Goes To Holyhead

It all began in December 1984 when a bunch of friends about to celebrate their birthdays decided they would have a party. There was a suggestion of having a disco; no I cried out, you've got to have a live band. Where do we get one at such short notice they said," I'll get one", I said. I rang around all my musician friends and within a couple of days we had a band. Now we had the band, what about a name?


Spitting Feathers
In ya face cheese Disco Glam punk. Glunk With added Bisto! What we do is take mostly 1970's pop songs and do our own very stripped down and garagy primitive take on them. Much in the same way that The Cramps would take 50's and 60's songs and do their thing to them.

More support acts to be determined
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323 New Cross Road, London
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