Impreza Spareroom Presents Speedflatmating odbędzie się 11 stycznia 2017 (Środa), w klubie Gigalum London. Start imprezy: godz. 18:00. .
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Spareroom Presents Speedflatmating

11 stycznia 2017, Gigalum London, start: 18:00

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Speed Flatmating ** The original flatmate finding event**
Hosted by SpareRoom

Find your flatmates the fast, fun and easy way - meet loads of potential flatmates in just 2 hours, in the informal setting of a bar. Make sure you click before you waste time doing viewings! 75-100 flatmates at every event!

Meet many potential flatmates in the time it would normally take to meet one! Convenient location, by Clapham South tube. Bring a friend and start your night out here.
Free Entry!

Pop in at 19:00 Complete your badge, grab a drink and get chatting!

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