Forum / ARMIN ONLY POZNAN, February, 19th, 2011
Rochelle84 19 listopada 2010, godz. 20:46
Does anybody know if there are still any tickets for this event and where I can get them from?
Route 19 listopada 2010, godz. 21:09
Tickets will be available from 11/30/2010
Losbanditos 19 listopada 2010, godz. 22:03
Ziomek confused you with date, event in February rather than in April,exactly 19 February
złoty klubowicz
labielecki 20 listopada 2010, godz. 00:41
Fan Area tickets: 29/11/2010 20:00 CET
Normal tickets: 30/11/2010 20:00 CET

More informations will arrive at the beginning of next week. If anything changes, I will let you know.
Pingus 20 listopada 2010, godz. 11:01
9.04.2011 - at that date you have ASOT 500 in Den Bosh in Holland :)

Armin Only in Poznan is on February 19th :)
złoty klubowicz
labielecki 20 listopada 2010, godz. 13:49
Here is English version of
kica 1000 21 listopada 2010, godz. 13:06
armin w poznaniu rewelacja
djdenman 25 listopada 2010, godz. 15:14
When I buy a golden ticket, wil I be able to enter the fan zone as well?

pildifoto 29 listopada 2010, godz. 23:53
If I buy the ticket, fan area or golden, then if I have another entrance? or normal entrance ?
M@rkee 30 listopada 2010, godz. 00:00
Each ticket type has a separate entrance.

Golden tickets do not give the possibility of entering the FAN AREA.

You may enter FAN AREA only if you have FAN AREA ticket.

Deluxe tickets owners are allowed to enter Fan Area.
Yo ma mana...
pildifoto 30 listopada 2010, godz. 11:29
each ticket type is a separate cloakrooms ?

davie_barnes 30 listopada 2010, godz. 21:08
Where it says "free beer" for the golden tickets, is this free beer all night or 1 free beer?,

They could be more specific with the details,

M@rkee 30 listopada 2010, godz. 21:48
We will check that with the promoter and update this information.
Yo ma mana...
karolina_ch 30 listopada 2010, godz. 22:59
Free beer, non alcoholic drinks and energy drinks are unlimited.
CU on the dancefloor.... ;)
glossy 3 grudnia 2010, godz. 20:53
155 PLN (limited batch available for everyone)

Does this mean there are still some tickets available which start selling at 06/12/2010?

If so, what time will exactly will the tickets be sold? at 00h:00m on 6/12/2010

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