Impreza Beatbox Movie Night odbędzie się 28 lutego 2014 (Piątek), w klubie BeatBox San Francisco. Start imprezy: godz. 04:00. .
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Beatbox Movie Night

28 lutego 2014, BeatBox San Francisco, start: 04:00

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The first BeatBox movie night was amazing and a lot of fun and we're back again!!

For the rest of 2014, BeatBox will be hosting movie nights once a month on our new giant projection screen on the last THURSDAY NIGHT of the month. With our state of the art sound and projection system, this monthly THURSDAY night will prove to be a unique and new type of gay night in SF.

In addition to alcohol (which always makes a movie better), we'll have popcorn and candy available for your viewing pleasure and encourage you to bring snacks or other foods from home!

Now here's the fun part, we'll have couches and seating set up, but you're invited to bring your own beanbags, aero mattresses, blankets, bosu balls or anything else to make your experience personal and comfy cozy.

All are welcome!!! This will be the first one so be creative, bring snacks for yourself if you like and don't forget you can bring your own way to watch it. We'll have a few couches and seating set up, but you're welcome to bring anything from a lawn chair to an Aero mattress or your favorite blanket and pillow and set up camp with your friends.

JOIN the group to help pick the movies!!

$10 cover*
Free Popcorn
Beer Bust
Special Hostess
MOVIE at 8:00pm

*Suggested donation/percentage of proceeds to benefit AEF
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