Impreza Big Fat Shtty Quiz Of 2013 odbędzie się 5 lutego 2014 (Środa), w klubie The Phoenix London. Start imprezy: godz. 20:00. .
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Big Fat Shtty Quiz Of 2013

5 lutego 2014, The Phoenix London, start: 20:00

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Bastions of trash and attractive bastards, ANNA (Greenwood - Guilty Pleasures) AND NEIL ('Nelly' Prince - 'Songs of Praise') are BACK. With an end of year celebration of all things gutter level, trashy and awkward that happened in 2013!

Join them in shunning credibility - for a bumper bonanza one-off special, of gutter level wit-pitting, with their BIG FAT SH!TTY QUIZ of 2013!!

Climb off your high horse, embrace the lowest common denominator with quiz topics from the trash-fuelled worlds of pop music (Smash Hits), telly(Take A Break), celebrity gossip (Heat) and them daft stories you hear about dogs that can say 'Stuff' etc (Esther Rantzen).

Book a table to avoid disappointment (maximum of 6 x 3AM Girls per team), on or Tweet us @QUIZZICALLYC @

GREAT prizes to be won. And crap ones too.
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