Impreza Christmassy Music Quiz odbędzie się 5 grudnia 2016 (Poniedziałek), w klubie The Star Of Kings London. Start imprezy: godz. 20:00. .
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Christmassy Music Quiz

5 grudnia 2016, The Star Of Kings London, start: 20:00

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"Do you hear what I hear?" "Who was kissing Santa Claus underneath the Christmas Tree?" "Is it the most wonderful time of the year?"

For years, the boys from Early Doors Disco have pondered music's greatest questions, and now it's time they got back to work and asked someone else. BUT IT'S CHRISTMAS. So join us for the first time at Star of Kings for a Christmassy music quiz like no music quiz before.* No barriers on genre (except for Christmas), time (except for Christmas time) or hipsterness (except for bearded fat man), we'll be asking all the questions, showing all the pictures and badly humming all the songs for you to answer and win prizes from the bar and from the Early Doors Boys' personal music collection.

It all kicks off on the 5th December at 8pm. We'll be on the ground floor, so arrive early and take advantage of the awesome Yeah! Burgers that are currently taking over their kitchen.

Teams limited to 6 people, with a L2 fee per person on the night.

To book a table, head to and say you're there for the quiz so they put you in the right place. Book early to avoid it being sold out (which has happened every bloody time).

*quite like every music quiz you've ever been to but hosted by much nicer people
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