Impreza Crystal Palace Festival odbędzie się 14 czerwca 2012 (Czwartek), w klubie Westow House London. Start imprezy: godz. 01:00. .
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Crystal Palace Festival

14 czerwca 2012, Westow House London, start: 01:00

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Its festival time again and this year we are going even bigger than last year by adding an extra day onto the end of the festival!! It all kicks off on the Thursday night where we have the Boom Boom Booms getting you dancing with some rockabilly then on the Friday our Ale and Cider festival kicks off with some outdoor live music, Eng V Swe Euro and DJ Oliver Sudden till 2am. The saturday is the big one with the Ale and Cider festival continuing, a big hog roast, BBQ, outdoor bar, outdoor music, pimms bar and DJ Jonny Bolax on till 2am. After all the excitement of Saturday come and chill on Sunday with the final day of the Ale and Cider festival, Chris Newland playing some chilled accoustic sets and a nice big Traditional Sunday Roast.

Below is the Ale and Cider Festival list just to tempt you even more!!

Arbor Old Knobbly Dark 4.5%
Hopdaemon Golden Braid Golden 3.7
Moor Revival Pale 3.8
Dancing Duck 22 Pale 3.9
Thornbridge Brother Rabbit Golden 4
Quantock Ginger Cockney Amber 4
Windsor & Eton Guardsman Best Bitter 4.2
Magic Rock Curious Pale 3.9
Pin Up The Brunette Chestnut 4
Hopdaemon Incubus Best Bitter 4
Red Squirrel Conservation Chestnut 4.1
Ilkley Mary Hoppins Pale 4.2
Darkstar Sasion Sasion 4.5
Dancing Duck Abduction Stout 4.5
Darkstar Summer Meltdown Spiced Golden 4.8
Red Willow Wreckless Best Bitter 4.8
Devilfish Apachi APA 5
Binghams Chilli Hotdog Stout Stout 5
Windsor & Eton Conquorer + Black IPA 5
Tiny Rebel Urban IPA IPA 5.5
Red Willow Ageless Double IPA 7.2
Magic Rock Highwire Pale Ale 5.5

Cider Firkins
Mr Whiteheads Midnight Express Perry 5
Severn Farmhouse Blend Medium 6.4
Severn Yarlington Mill Med Dry 6.4
Severn Perry Perry 6.4
Wilcox Farmhouse Traditional Med Dry 6.5
Wilcox Oak Matured Med Sweet 7.4
Sandford Bumbleberry Sweet 4
Sandford Devon Red Dry 4.5

Guest Keg
Thornbridge Japiur Pale 5.9
Darkstar Revelation Hop 5.7
Magic Rock Darkarts Stout 6
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