Impreza Gumbo odbędzie się 12 kwietnia 2014 (Sobota), w klubie The Slaughtered Lamb London. Start imprezy: godz. 18:30. .
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12 kwietnia 2014, The Slaughtered Lamb London, start: 18:30

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‘Gumbo, you gotta watch your gums on this!’ A monthly night of spicy DJ action. A melting pot of styles from over five decades. The running theme between all gumbo sounds is that they are all played with the intention of getting you dancing.
Pub DJ’s Bangarang Sounds have honed their craft in a selection of north and east London’s best boozers, playing to mixed audiences in sets lasting from sunset to last orders.
Gumbo condenses those sets into a night of pure dancing, that’s intended for anyone who wants to move. Whether you mosh to punk, spin to northern soul, get down to funk, breakdance to old school hip hop or do the moonstomp to ska and reggae, Gumbo is a musical treat that will get you on your dancing feet.
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34-35 Great Sutton Street , London
Aktualna pozycja klubu: 2/214 Zagłosuj na klub
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