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Urbanizacion SAN RAFAEL, 07816 , Ibiza

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Privilege Ibiza is recognised as the biggest club in the world by the Guinness World Records and its history is closely linked to the development of nightlife in Ibiza and the culture of the DJ sound. A community swimming pool which decades later became the biggest club in the world, Privilege´s trajectory is the stuff of legends. It´s quite difficult to grasp the scale of things in Privilege Ibiza if you´ve never seen it with your own eyes. With a Main Room the size of an aircraft hangar 25m high, complimented by the spectacular Vista Club and Vista Blue, various gardens and chill out areas and of course the iconic dome, it makes for the most captivating multi roomed clubbing experience on the White Island. Its long history over the course of two decades as KU and 24 years as Privilege, as well as the experience of entering the mammoth club for the first time to be united with thousands of revellers under the same roof, make Privilege a unique place in the world and a must see if you´re in Ibiza. Info & Tickets : www.privilegeibiza.com  
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