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97 Havistock Hill
NW3 4RL London
, London

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A pub unlike many other, but many pubs try to be like us! The Sir Richard Steele is the pub that set the mark for quirky London boozers. With its mish mash interior, the customers are seemingly in the same theme. With its location being in the heart of Hampstead & Camden, the range of people who visit The Sir Richard Steele is what makes it special. Each and every individual adds a certain something, that together with the great drinks, food, music and staff, create the best pub in North London......perhaps even London itself! If you have heard of us but not been....what are you waiting for? Take an outing away from your local pub and join us for for a session you wont forget. But be warned, The Steeles is addictive! If you have been drinking with us, but not been back for awhile........COME BACK! WE MISS YOU! With new specials, new beers and new ideas, we are moving forward in a direction that is guranteed to cater to you. If you are already drinking with us....tell your friends! And if you have never heard of us, then now you have! And come and see what a great place your missing out on. If your young or old, groovy or geek, jock or jack the lad. We have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Fancy a pint? 
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