Impreza Le Saux Solid Crew Football Quiz odbędzie się 4 kwietnia 2018 (Środa), w klubie The Old Queens Head London. Start imprezy: godz. 19:00. .
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Le Saux Solid Crew Football Quiz

4 kwietnia 2018, The Old Queens Head London, start: 19:00

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Funny Old Game presents London's best football quiz. Agonise over notoriously fiendish trivia with the best quiz of the year. Who is the only English footballer to have played in a Champions League final but not have a full international cap? Or… The only South African to ever win the Premiership?

We’ve got Tayo Popoola, Radio producer, presenter, documentary maker DJ and Arsenal blogger presenting. Be prepared for a football quiz like no other. Get your team signed up now, no funny business and most of all - No spitting. .

***There will be a prize for the waviest football shirt worn on the night***
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