Impreza Mystopia Presents Flashdance odbędzie się 7 kwietnia 2018 (Sobota), w klubie The Public Works San Francisco. Start imprezy: godz. 22:00. .
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Mystopia Presents Flashdance

7 kwietnia 2018, The Public Works San Francisco, start: 22:00

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Take your passion. And make it happen. Something something something… what a feeling!

Even if you don’t know all the words, just bring your moves and leave the rest to us.

Mystopia presents: FLASHDANCE

If you had a lit night at our OMG Emoji Party then you already know you should totally join us on April 7 when we #TBT to a world made of steel, made of stone…

Expect pastel colors, big hair, bigger shoulders and Giorgio Morodor inspired synth beats from your Mystopia residents and special guest DJ’s. And our friends from Pink Mammoth will be taking over the loft space all night long...

It’ll be the epic night you’ve come to expect from Mystopia parties – where dressing up is encouraged but not mandatory (Just ask yourself, do you really want to be the only person NOT wearing leg warmers? No. You do not.) and although we can’t guarantee a bucket of water dropping from the ceiling right on cue, if you want to splash yourself in the bathroom and writhe on a chair, we won’t stop you.

Once again, tickets will sell fast, so jump on the first release quickly!

Mystopia presents: FLASHDANCE – April 7th The Public Works SF
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