Impreza No Sleep Novi Sad At Exit Festival 2018 odbędzie się 12 lipca 2018 (Czwartek), w klubie fabric London. Start imprezy: godz. 22:00. .
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No Sleep Novi Sad At Exit Festival 2018

12 lipca 2018, fabric London, start: 22:00

Zagrają na imprezie:
What if you could
go to a different club
every night…
And be at your favorite festival
in the same time?

Exit Festival 2018 welcomes:

Thursday, 12 July - fabriclondon
Friday, 13 July - The Bunker New York
Saturday, 14 July - ARMA17 Moscow
Sunday, 15 July - Goa Club Rome

International success of Exit Festival’s iconic stage, No Sleep Novi Sad, can only be characterized as meteoric. On this custom designed and very recognizable stage, EXIT hosted some of the most exciting clubs who have all presented a part of their history and magic in a completely different setting of the colossal Petrovaradin fortress where the acclaimed Serbian festival takes place each summer.

With a carefully chosen program, No Sleep Novi Sad hosted some of the Europe's leading clubs, like the Parisian megaboat Concrete, techno institutions Tresor from Berlin and Fuse from Brussels. Equally rich in history were Barcelona's jewel Nitsa or the Glaswegian legendary Sub Club. More avant-garde spots joined in as well, such as Vienna's infamous Grelle Forelle or Salon des Amateurs from Dusseldorf, while UK's pivotal art point Corsica Studios hosted No Sleep London event with the help from promoters at Avant Garde London.

Last but not the least, two local, but very much internationally recognized venues hailed from Belgrade, the popular boat 20/44 and techno cathedrale Drugstore. Partner clubs hosted several No Sleep events from London to Vienna, from Glasgow to Barcelona, from Belgrade to, of course, No Sleep Novi Sad.

This year's program of No Sleep Novi Sad's stage connects four megacities – New York, Moscow, London and Rome, as Exit Festival will host their own club symbols, London‘s Fabric, New York‘s The Bunker, Moscow‘s Arma 17 and Roman Goa Club!
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