Impreza Quizzically Challenged odbędzie się 5 czerwca 2013 (Środa), w klubie The Phoenix London. Start imprezy: godz. 19:45. .
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Quizzically Challenged

5 czerwca 2013, The Phoenix London, start: 19:45

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It's time again, to join us in shunning any slim remnants of credibility for the latest installment of gutter level wit pitting, Quizzically Challenged!

Climb off your high horse, embrace the lowest common denominator with quiz topics from the trash-fuelled worlds of pop music (Smash Hits), telly(Take A Break), celebrity gossip (Heat) and them daft stories you hear about dogs that can say 'Sausages' etc (Esther Rantzen).

Bastions of trash and attractive bastards, Neil Prince ('Songs of Praise', 'R & She') & Anna Greenwood ('Guilty Pleasures', 'Friday Night Disco') – will be emptying their brains of lo-brow knowledge (dirt) into question form for your entertainment and potential glory-grabbing gladness!

Book a table to avoid disappointment (maximum of 6 3AM Girls per team), on or Tweet us @QUIZZICALLYC

Grab a Phoenix Burger & a Pint for a L10er.
GREAT prizes to be won. And crap ones too.
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