Impreza Spectacular - November odbędzie się 29 listopada 2016 (Wtorek), w klubie The Star Of Kings London. Start imprezy: godz. 19:30. .
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Spectacular - November

29 listopada 2016, The Star Of Kings London, start: 19:30

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Spectacular Spectrum of Now are back!

Back like a swinging mullet on a winters day.

Featuring some sexy comedy by some sexy comedy legs -

Alison Thea-Skot
Critically acclaimed actress, comedian, writer and improviser.
?????Funny Women ???? The List
???? The Skinny???? Chortle

Joz Norris
"Exoskeletoned twat." - Chortle "Jerk." - Time Out
"Absolute idiot." - Fest "Plonker." - Londonist (Enough said)
????? Chortle ???? The Skinny
???? The Herald ???? Broadway Baby

Ellis & Rose
Somewhere between sketch comedy, clowning and cabaret gone wrong.
“The best double-act I’ve seen in years” – Harry Hill

Adam Larter
Award nominated founder of Weirdos Comedy Club.
'Stubbornly divorced from any conventional idea of success' -Fest
'It’s a pleasure doing business with Larter' - Chortle
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