Impreza Tea Rex - A Tea Dance For Men W Resident Dj Corey Craig Ny This Sunday odbędzie się 13 stycznia 2014 (Poniedziałek), w klubie BeatBox San Francisco. Start imprezy: godz. 01:00. .
0 Tea Rex - A Tea Dance For Men W Resident Dj Corey Craig Ny This Sunday

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Tea Rex - A Tea Dance For Men W Resident Dj Corey Craig Ny This Sunday

13 stycznia 2014, BeatBox San Francisco, start: 01:00

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Tea Rex is the hottest new monthly tea dance in San Francisco for the Bear, Leather and Kinkster men out there...and the guys who love them! Masculine energy, sexy men, cruising and music that will bring you back to what tea used to be...FUN AND FLIRTY!

New RESIDENT DJ Corey Craig is a Fire Island Pines resident, and has headlined Desert Tea in Palm Springs, the NYC Pier Dance and Orlando’s Gay Days among many other major events. His early sets were influenced by the soulful house sounds of San Francisco and the parties he experienced in our gay capital, which exposed him to the uplifting vocals of David Morales and Frankie Knuckles.

Respect for the legends who paved the way make Corey a flawless choice for reviving the spirit of Sunday tea at Tea Rex.

“As I introduce my new sound to legions of fans, I love the idea of a blank canvas,” Corey says. “Tea Rex is giving me that by introducing me to a new city while launching a new party at an unexpected time on Sundays.”

Corey’s DJ influences include Rosabel, Moto Blanco and the Freemasons, but it’s his spirited charm as he preaches from the decks that will have San Francisco spreading his gospel. In between anthems and booty-shaking beats, Corey is as animated and quick as the hilarious animated gifs he texts to his pals.

The OFFICIAL after the Bears In The Park party!!! If you attend Bears In The Park (when it happens on the same day) OR you purchase a beer bust the SF Eagle we'll give you $5 off the door price!!!


Beer Bust and Drink Specials to help everyone move a little easier! ;-P
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