Impreza The Slaughtered Lamb Presents odbędzie się 30 marca 2014 (Niedziela), w klubie The Slaughtered Lamb London. Start imprezy: godz. 19:00. .
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The Slaughtered Lamb Presents

30 marca 2014, The Slaughtered Lamb London, start: 19:00

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Rocinia are a powerful and original trio from Kent, UK, who fall closest to the Folk/Rock genre, but not quite into it. A combination of strong lyrics, rock solid back line, and finger picked guitar lead to a versatile and energetic live show. Their debut EP “Big Blue” is now available to download from all major platforms, or as a physical release from


Based in London, Liam and Angela started singing together in May 2013. They are an acoustic duo (for now) writing and performing songs in their interpretation of blues, rockabilly, folk, indie. If there was a more specific name for their style they'd call it "energetic acoustic". Rum is their drink if your buying.


Dan Leno are a pop-duo Raphael Verrion and Sophie Evans from Brixton who formed in 2011.
BBC6 regulars. Denim lovers.

'It's sonic and original. I like it' Mark Ronson

"We just wanted to write good pop songs with catchy melodies, nice harmonies and interesting textures and sounds," he says. If Wine Into Gold is anything to go by then they've succeeded. Forget petrol station flowers, Milk Tray and 7p cards from Asda, this is all you need to serenade your partner on Valentine's Day.-The Guardian 2012


Tom Savage usually plays melodic and happy country acoustic stuff. However, we hear, on good authority, he does have a 'dark side'.
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34-35 Great Sutton Street , London
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