Impreza The Telescopes odbędzie się 23 września 2013 (Poniedziałek), w klubie Surya London. Start imprezy: godz. 20:30. .
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The Telescopes

23 września 2013, Surya London, start: 20:30

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L8 adv | L10 otd | Doors 7.30pm | 18+

The Telescopes are releasing long awaited new album in August on US label Neon Sigh

The shoegaze / space rock legends already have a tight tour schedule to promote the release, with tours planned from the States to Russia..

Formed in 1987 by Stephen Lawrie, spacerock legends The Telescopes have been mining a unique anti-myopian seam of drone/dream noise & psych for over 20 years.

Along with bands like Loop, Spacemen3, JAMC & MBV the group were responsible for creating the kind of mind expanding Spacerock music that influenced bands like Ride, Slowdive and the whole Shoegaze/ Nu-gaze genres.

Their "#Untitled Second" album for the legendary Creation records is now perceived by many as a lost classic. While re-issues, on labels such as Bomp! Rev-ola, Spaceage, Midsummer Madness and The Committee To Keep Music Evil, brought their early sounds to a new generation of ears, and prompted the NME to declare 'the genius of The Telescopes'.

Their current music has been described as- "primeval drone, rich in texture, with soaring feedback, forever spiralling outward, fractal and hypnotic - a bed of noise percolating at the edges of audition." The Wire described them as having ' a very real & crazy originality that carries fat tons of wallop'. And Julian Cope is a fan.

The group were invited by Portishead to play last years ATP at Alexandre Palace in London, where they performed songs from their (livid) debut album Taste. An event that will be repeated at this years Austin Psych fest. curated by The Black Angels.

There are two new Telescopes singles released in April 2012, the first is a drone version of Nick Drake's lost classic 'Black Eyed Dog' on the Trensmat label, and the second is a new Telescopes composition featuring One Unique Signal, entitled 'We See Magic And We Are Neutral, Unnecessary" (flexi-postcard released on The Dream Machine label).

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