Impreza Zeus And Valerian Swing At The Macbeth Of Hoxton odbędzie się 11 maja 2018 (Piątek), w klubie The Macbeth London. Start imprezy: godz. 19:00. .
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Zeus And Valerian Swing At The Macbeth Of Hoxton

11 maja 2018, The Macbeth London, start: 19:00

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plus: Elevant + POHL

Price: L10.00 adv.
Doors: 7pm - 11pm

Zeus" is a "Made in Italy" drums + bass duo, born in october ’10.
Utilized insrtuments: drums with full set of cymbals and pedals; full optional overdrived bass; dual pitch damaged vocals.
Utilized tech: grinding the rock all and so on.

ZEUS! aims at using the minimum in order to get the maximum and is: not metal, not punk, not math, not noise, not prog, absolutely not jazz-core, neither post-whatever. In case, a sum of micro compositions of these times, picassian and psychodelic, insofar as the peculiar melodies “liberate thought from social conventions superstructures”. For petardo lovers.

Luca Cavina (Calibro 35, Incident on South Street, Craxi) : distorted Bass and Vocals.
Paolo Mongardi (Fuzz Orchestra, FulKanelli, ex-Jennifer Gentle, ex-Ronin) : distorted Drums.

‘Taking post-rock as a starting point, they add a little math rock, heaps of riffs, and an occasional chant to create something magnificent’ - Rock-A-Rolla

‘They found their personal approach to the songwriting, with a skillful mix of musical genres such as hardcore, indie, post rock, progressive and electronic sounds’ – Rolling Stone

Initially emerging in 2011, Valerian Swing cemented their place as one of most interesting bands in the Italian heavy scene, with their second album "A Sailor Lost Around The Earth", and then at an international level with 2014’s ‘Aurora’.

Now 2017 sees the return of Valerian Swing following a change of personnel. One that saw the exit of bassist Alan Ferioli in favour of baritone guitarist Francesco Giovanetti. The trio went and created their fourth full length album, during a period of personnel, artistic growth and maturity that has seen them gradually expand their spectrum of sound beyond the boundaries of just being ‘heavy’. This latest chapter has resulted in new album ‘Nights’ that is undoubtedly their most accessible, rich and varied record to date.
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